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The Vision

Data is everywhere, and it’s expanding by the day.

For today’s organisations, from government departments and banks to law enforcement agencies and insurers, this explosion of data contains vital stories.

These stories can empower them to: uncover fraudulent or other criminal activities; highlight regulatory risks and compliance oversights; discover new revenue opportunities; and achieve substantial cost savings.

But there’s a problem: the stories are hidden in plain sight.

The challenge, in the vast, disparate and increasingly complex data ecosystems of today’s organisations, is to uncover these stories — and read what they have to say.

However, the speed with which data is expanding, and its sheer volume, means stories always resist being found. But our technology solves that.

As a next-generation Data-as-a-Service provider, Anomaly42 helps organisations globally uncover the stories hidden in their data, read them, understand them and — most importantly of all — act upon them.

The Company

Anomaly42′s next-generation technology turns Big Data into Smart Data Through Context.

The History

Anomaly42 has a rich heritage within the rapidly evolving Big Data space.

The People

Anomaly42 is led by some of the most experienced people within Big Data.

Where we’ve been featured

Anomaly42 turns Big Data into Smart Data: through Context.

Unless you can uncover hidden stories and collapse investigation times significantly, Big Data is a Big Waste of Time. But this is where Smart Data, powered by context, provides the solution.

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Winners of the UK Tech award for Tech Innovation of the year 2014


The people behind Anomaly42

Laurence Shaw
Chief Executive Officer

Laurence is a founding partner of Fusion AI Partners, our parent, and CEO of Anomaly42. Laurence has over 25 years’ executive experience in Financial, IT and business services companies. Prior to founding Fusion AI, he was Senior Vice President of International for Keane (NYSE). Laurence has also held executive positions in Headstrong, Premier Systems and Drexel Burnham Lambert. Anomaly42 is the 5th Cloud business Fusion has launched.

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Jason Price

As COO of Anomaly42, Jason is responsible for building the operational infrastructure that will enable the company to scale rapidly during the months and years ahead. In plain English, this means his role is to ensure that everything possible is being done to enable Anomaly42 to fulfil its potential and become the global leader within the fast-growing Data-as-a-Service sector. Jason has significant experience in the corporate finance sector: he has been involved with a major public-to-private acquisition, a number of sizeable fund raises and numerous private-to-public transactions. He possesses excellent client management, operational management, delivery management and commercials skills, and has always made a material impact on the valuation and bottom line of the companies he has worked for.

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Freddie McMahon
Director, Strategy and Innovation

Freddie McMahon is the Director of Strategy and Innovation at Anomaly42 and is pioneering the use of Smart Data along with Artificial Intelligence Engine and AI Agents for the next generation of automated decisioning to transform business. Freddie was previously Head of Innovation and Strategy at FusionExperience, where he held similar roles at corporations such as Norwich Union, NatWest and JP Morgan. Freddie has held senior executive roles in major corporations both nationally and internationally. He regularly produces white papers and research on his areas of expertise.

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